Letter from Russia, II

(continued from Letter from Russia, I)

OnĀ  2 October 1944 Wilfried wrote:

“The strongest memories that accompany me are those of you, Mutti, at the stove, in the childrens’ room during evening prayer, while working.”

The letter says he prays regularly and even says his rosary.

Wilfried also claims other lessons from home are useful at the front, “like how work makes one happy.”




He apologizes for the absence of a little poem or drawing.

“These things are too minor to serve as a messenger between your heart and mine. And that is after all the purpose of a gift. So I can only lay down one thing at your feet. That is your child’s love, which I give to you with my whole heart.”


What lived life could compare to this pure oath!

I’ve written to my adoptive parents, hoping they would be pleased. But how could anything I wrote ever count, after this!

(to be continued)